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Building a culture of candor

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 - Dignify

You’re invited!

Our next in-person event, Power Up: Leadership at Lambeau, is fast approaching! And we want you to join us on Oct. 16th!

We’ll grow your leadership skills, spark new ideas and bring back your passion for your work.

Let’s Power Up!

Sneak peek! I’m giving you a bit of behind-the-scenes look at my Power Up keynote. I’ll be kicking off our event on October 16th by speaking about candor in the workplace.

Over our 21 years in business, I believe Danica and I have naturally developed a culture of candor. Our Fun Country nature might have a bit to do with it. By default, we speak openly with our staff and are very accepting of new ideas and change. Yes, we’ve had hiccups along the way and have learned from our mistakes, but I believe we’re now a highly candor-focused company. So, what could it look like for you?

What does candor look like in the workplace?

Having a culture of candor means speaking openly and honestly. It means caring about one another as human beings and wanting the best for each other. It also means sharing necessary, constructive feedback for the growth of others. This can be easier said than done for some.

There’s a fine line to walk when it comes to providing feedback. I like to put it this way. Being nice means continuing to smile and nod while listening to someone speak, despite them having ketchup on their face. Being kind means giving them the little hand signal to let them know they have ketchup on their face. Ignoring the ketchup isn’t doing them any favors. People want to know when others have their back. In big and small ways.

In essence, a candor-based culture is one that always reminds its members that we are all imperfect, flawed people who are striving for the best together. We’re never going to get everything 100% right, and that’s ok. So, let’s work together, using everyone’s unique strengths to form a stronger team.

What results can you expect from a candor-focused workplace?

Open, honest communication at work results in a culture of transparency and authenticity. Teams work better together when they have all the information they need to do their jobs well.

While you might think that it saves time to only tell the HR Department about a potential company-wide shift, it may actually be better to include the whole team from the get-go. Having a struggle? Lean on your team to help find solutions. When we trust each other, we go so much further.

You’ll notice improved communication, collaboration and a sense of team bonding when you practice candor at work. And it’s no wonder! When you as a leader reveal upcoming changes from “behind the curtain” or are forthcoming about struggles, your team members will feel like trusted allies—and equals—making them much more willing to collaborate and communicate openly.

How to implement a culture of candor

So, where to start? As with any company-wide change, start at the top! Leaders, model the change you want to see. If you want open communication, start by being more open yourself. If you want your team to start providing constructive feedback, show them how.

Depending on the size of your organization, you could create an internal e-newsletter to boost communication and ask for feedback via Google Forms. In smaller companies, you could do a 1×1 Dignify Check-In or go for a walk with a few members of your team to open up a new channel of communication. The most important part is just to start!


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