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Build Efficiency Through Authenticity

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

As much as you might like it to be so, we really can’t maintain a “work self” and a “home self.” Many do try, but we can never fully separate parts of our identity depending on our environment. We take our full self with us wherever we go and it’s crucial to acknowledge that fact.

When we’re able to share our home life openly at work and be honest about who we are, rather than wearing a false corporate mask, job satisfaction, efficiency and engagement all go up. 

Leaders, it’s time to start sharing more about your life and setting the tone for others to follow your example. Because when we’re able to be our authentic selves at work, the tension drops and the trust sets in.

Danica and I have been big believers in authenticity since the start of our company in 2002. We’ve just always been very open and tried to foster an environment of honesty and acceptance with the Prophiteers.

One way we build upon that commitment to authenticity is with semi-annual Living Our Values (LOV) Events that highlight a company core value while allowing people to connect. Pre-Covid, these events have included hay rides, laser tag, mini golf, scavenger hunts through the city, a Brewers bus trip, Humane Society donations and building bikes together for charity.

By having a little fun together and stepping outside of the everyday work environment, our Prophiteers have built life-long connections, trust and mutual respect—creating one powerful team that’s willing to do anything to support a common goal.


ACTION PLAN: With more and more vaccinations taking place, a LOV Event might be just the thing your team needs to reconnect in-person in 2021. When you’re ready to go, we’ll take you there!

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