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Build Connection In a Digital World

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

Rituals bring us comfort, consistency, mark the passage of time and build connection—they’re how we organize our lives. You may think, “Rituals? Me? No way.” Just think about some of the moments that shape our lives—first day of school photos, birthday parties, graduations, retirements. Those are rituals, and we need them! The last year has taught us of their importance, and how it feels when we have to postpone them or lose them all together. It’s easy to feel disconnected or disoriented without the usual moments of connection that keep us going. 

Rituals at your business serve the exact same purpose as they do in your personal life. Morning meetings, team lunches and company gatherings create a strong team because they build connection. You may see morning meetings or check-ins with your supervisor as menial tasks and you may even take them for granted. In reality, they’re actually a time to connect with your coworkers, celebrate success or share knowledge. The rituals you establish within your team or company build a healthy culture based on connection. In this socially-distanced, digital world, those moments have become even more important.

One of our daily rituals at Prophit Co. is to have a short meeting at 9:00 a.m. every day. Our ‘morning huddles’ as we call them, give us an opportunity to share inspiration, personal updates and actually allow us to see each other (emails have a purpose but nothing beats face-to-face interaction).

As we move into a post-pandemic world, give the rituals in your business some extra attention. Start having a daily touchbase, set up a 1-1 meeting schedule with those you lead or plan a summer cookout for your team!

It’s okay if your traditions have changed as the world has changed. The most important thing is to keep building those connections and in turn, building a strong culture at your company.

Joe Kiedinger

If you’ve noticed, this month’s WOWs have had a “change” theme—and for good reason. Next week, the way you receive your wisdom will be changing! Watch your inbox for the big reveal in one week!

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