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Because I’m Happy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - Joe Kiedinger

Because I'm happyI came home from a short business overnight to this sign greeting me as I walked in the door. It made me smile. My mom always said, “A parent is only as happy as their most unhappy child.” I have four kids so the odds are good that someone is having a bad day!

It’s so true, my children’s happiness and state of well-being definitely affects Danica and I. So when I saw this sign I asked, “Who was the artist?” It turned out that Aria (pictured) wrote the words and Alina and Alex drew the picture. Cool, three out of four kids contributed to this positive message!

I think the same goes for work as well. If you work in a small business like I do, or perhaps a small department, as the leader, you’re affected by the state of your staff. If something difficult is happening in one of our Prophiteers lives, we all feel it. This is why creating community at work is so important.

Employee engagement should be at the forefront of every business leader’s goals and objectives. Placing people before profits will result in a healthy business and healthy people.

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: What are you doing to improve engagement at your workplace or home?

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