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Be Known For Something!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

The greatest accomplishment of any brand is to be known for something. If you can be known for one word, that is the pinnacle. Whenever somebody here’s that word, they think of you. That takes consistency and vision.
Here are a few brands that illustrate my point:

Wisconsin = Cheese
Disney = MagicCapture-2.png
Corona = Beach/Vacation
Philadelphia = Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

Here I am, in Philly, working with a new partner. We stopped at two famous Cheese Steak restaurants on a Sunday afternoon. There were lines at both locations over a block long! Unbelievable! We drove over thirty minutes to a suburb that also had a restaurant famous for their Cheese Steak. I must say, it was incredible. I thought serving portions in Wisconsin were big. Yikes!

Does your company own a word in your marketplace? It’s very rare, especially on a local level. Not because it can’t be achieved, but it’s more due to a lack of focus. The restaurants that truly succeed have a special dish or experience that people rave about. What’s yours?

Perhaps this may be some inspiration to get after this. It takes years if not decades to get it right, so let’s get on it today!

Joe Kiedinger


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