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Are You Sharing Your Forte?

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

I’ve noticed most people are quick to tell you their faults, but hold back their strengths. Our society teaches us to be humble and not brag about the good things in our lives. The sentiment behind that lesson is admirable—we can’t offend others who have less when we keep quiet. However, it also does us all a disservice.

We are meant to be more, to do more. We are meant to let our strengths shine so that we can serve others with them! Because it’s through our strengths that we find our life’s purpose.

Over the past decade, we at Prophit Co. have helped scores of clients and individuals discover their life’s purpose—setting them off on a new, inspired course. Walking through life, and work, with a strong sense of direction is exhilarating. You wake in the morning with a smile instead of a grumble, eager to jump out of bed. You want to feel that, don’t you?

What are you really good at? What passion do you have that just lights up your face and others’? What does your company do better than any other? A life worth living is one worth exploring. So, don’t settle for just good enough. Explore your strengths and envision what you can do with them.


ACTION PLAN: Ask yourself, am I living out my purpose? Is my company? Email us at and let us know if you’re interested in receiving information on our upcoming life-changing courses. You matter!

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