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Are You a Dreamer?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

Last summer I was talking with couple at a picnic. We were talking about dreaming. Not dreams as in sleeping, but making future plans. I love boating, so I was dreaming of having a small yacht someday, one that I could “sail” to Michigan or take the famous waterway loop from the Great Lakes to Florida. Certainly a costly endeavor, but who cares, I’m a dreamer!

My wife Danica loves dreaming with me. Sometimes we get hooked on certain destinations like Turks and Caicos. Over a weekend we will research it and dream about living there, then after a month, we discuss other options. We see it as fun and healthy.
Back to the picnic, the husband of the couple agreed with us. He wanted to own a place in the Florida Keys. A place with easy water access so he can take his boat and go scuba diving at a moments notice. As he was dreaming, he even thought he could buy a boat and rent it to a local scuba school. His wife said, “will you stop it!” She explained that she only likes to talk about what’s possible, she doesn’t like talking about something that “is not going to happen.”

I think dreaming is good. Now, success for me is not yachts and resort like getaways in Turks and Caicos. I value relationships, healthy contributing kids, a great marriage and developing a growing company that impacts lives. That’s success to me. Dreaming is making plans for the future. And noting that they can become a reality with the right planning.

I understand that life is a journey. However, I do believe you can arrive at something. Maybe a dream of yours is downsizing, lowering your overhead significantly and traveling more (see HGTV Tiny House living). Now that’s possible. Maybe its to visit Iceland. Start putting the plan together now. You can do it!

Dream big! Why not!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: I raise a glass to all the dreamers out there: Cheers!


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