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And Servant Leadership grows!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - Joe Kiedinger

I want to shout out to Patrick Van Able for spreading the Servant Leadership movement. I had the privilege of attending the first “Influence” gathering last week. Patrick came to me with advice on starting a group of High School football coaches on the servant journey. Approximately 50 attended from all over the state. That is outstanding! He did it with no help from me.
The reception was amazing. The evening included four great speakers who talked about leadership, not blocking and tackling. They didn’t talk about winning games; they talked about winning player’s hearts! I was under the assumption that coaches were competitive in that they didn’t like one another. Boy was I wrong!

These men all had a passion to help young boys become men and help each other. They were driven to succeed in the hearts and minds of their players first. I am humbled and extremely grateful to have been invited to attend this first of many great gatherings of like-minded people.

Nicely done!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Join our movement! If you are not on our quarterly Servant Leaders of WI email blast, please respond back and we will place you on the list. We hold FREE quarterly gatherings. Our next is coming up in May!

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