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Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - Joe Kiedinger

Well, Valentine’s Day is upon us! And folks all across the county are focusing on love. They’re busy making reservations at fancy restaurants, buying flowers, chocolates, and cards, and coming up with creative new ways to express their romantic love.

But there is another type of love out there too and I’m sure you’ve heard me mention it in the past. It’s not a love of feeling, but rather a love of choice. It’s when we choose to respect someone that we experience “agape”.

There are all kinds of people out there and we must show love and respect toward everyone…even those we don’t always get along with. You must will yourself to express agape for others. It’s not something you will feel like an emotion. It’s something you must make a conscious effort to reach. It means being honest, patient, respectful, kind, humble, selfless, forgiving, and committed.

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Make an attempt to express agape toward everyone this week: your co-workers, your associates, your family, your sweetheart. You’ll create an environment of goodwill that will be nothing but beneficial.

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