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A Whole New Fright

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

Think back to your childhood for a moment. What was your parents’/guardians’ relationship with work? Did they have a sense of optimism and pride in their work or did they struggle to find the motivation to head out the door in the morning? Did they share struggles around the dinner table at night?

Looking back on my childhood, I see things through a new lens. My dad most definitely suffered from what we today call The Sunday Scaries—a heavy sense of dread or anxiety that sets in on the weekend as you look toward the week ahead.

He had an X-Style, do-it-or-else manager who was incredibly demanding… and demeaning. As the new week neared, my dad would grow increasingly quiet and anxious. It was palpable, but maybe not well understood by my siblings and I. Thankfully, after a number of years, he got a new boss (and friend) named Mike that changed everything for him.

It might surprise you, but according to new research by LinkedIn, a whopping 80% of Americans say they worry about their upcoming week on Sundays. The dread of Monday looming can eat away at the whole weekend, removing any chance of joy or relaxation.

That’s just not the way things should be. We should be inspired by our work and excited to roll into the office to show the world what you’ve got. I consider myself a lucky man to enjoy my work. Owning my own business and following my talents and passions has allowed me a unique optimism that seems to be growing more and more rare in today’s society.

While you may share the same boat with me, ask yourself this: do your associates get the Sunday Scaries? As a leader, you have great power over your associates’ relationship with their work. Are you connecting enough with your people and creating an open environment where they can share their thoughts? Have you taken the time to get to know your people personally? Take someone out for lunch once a week and learn about their family and hobbies. Or just take a few minutes at the start of your next meeting to connect on a personal level.

A small gesture on your end can mean the world to someone.


ACTION PLAN: Ban the Sunday Scaries by forming stronger bonds. We can help!

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