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A Hidden Crisis

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

The shiny, little red Porsche, the hair plugs, the new, on trend shoes. We’ve all heard of the notion of the midlife crisis. When people hit a certain age they suddenly start obsessing over their hairline, join a gym and invest thousands of dollars trying to remain relevant and young.

Ouch, right?

But, is the midlife crisis even a real thing? Contrary to society’s purely vanity-based assumptions about middle age, I see a great depth and focus on purpose with the leaders going through our Communication Mastery program.

In our coaching at Prophit Co., the number one topic of conversation with leaders 45-65 is “Is this all there is?” or “Should I have chosen a different direction?”

As we reach our 40s and see our parents ailing, we realize that our health, our energy and our time are fleeting. We start wondering how best to use them while we have them. It shows incredible maturity and self-awareness as leaders start to shift your attention toward that which really matters in life.

That’s why our work with personal purpose uncoveries is critical. We identify leaders’ unique reasons for being and ask two essential questions: Are you living your purpose? And are you able to pour it into your work? We enable leaders to see their role as a human being rather than a corporate title. Now that’s freeing.

So, what’s your personal purpose? Are you living it?


ACTION PLAN: Join us for our FREE Servant Leaders of Wisconsin (SLOW) event on June 21st from 3-5pm at Gather on Broadway (or watch virtually from the comfort of your home or office). During this hybrid event, I’ll be sitting down with relationship expert, Larry Bilotta, as we unpack and explore the midlife crisis in depth. See our website for updates as the event nears.

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