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A Different Look at Giving!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - Joe Kiedinger

Danica and I are known for throwing unique Christmas parties for our Prophiteers. In the past we have had casino nights where the casino magically appeared after the Prophiteers arrived in our home. We have done live group karaoke with Dan Rafferty (NEW Piano Guys) where we rented a bar for the night and Dan set up multiple mics, projected lyrics on a large screen and played piano.

We have had Olympic themes: Prophiteers broke into groups and competed in various games to earn points towards gold, silver and bronze. And we have had tailgating themes where the Prophiteers showed up and we had everything set up in our driveway including tents, grills, appetizers, a bar and bonfire. Buses then showed up and sent them on a scavenger hunt around Green Bay revolving around Packer trivia and landmarks.

If you watched my “Daily Cup of Joe,” Instagram post Tuesday, I have a belief that we should, “Go big and then go home.” It’s how Danica and I roll. This year was no exception. Except, Danica and I asked ourselves, how can we incorporate fun merriment with giving? Our brains answered the question (as they always will when asked the right question – but that’s a different “Wisdom on Wednesday”).

We sent our Prophiteers on a “giving” scavenger hunt. We set up two fun stops where they had to complete an activity and pick up boxes for charity, then deliver them to the organizations. These charities: St. John’s Shelter, NEW Shelter, Foster The Village and Habitat for Humanity each had a bus arrive (we had 2 buses) bearing gifts and treasures.

It showed us that giving can truly be a blast. Our team bonded and then returned to our home for amazing story telling of their adventures.

A team that works hard together must play hard together. It’s how we roll, and it works for us.

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Have a wonderful Christmas Season!

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