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A Big Reveal to Disrupt the Ordinary

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I’ve often taken the UN-institutional approach to everything in my life. Especially in the area that I’ve chosen to focus on: company culture, marketing and leadership.

My background of performing on cruise ships, co-founding Frank’s Dinner Theater and my mother’s influence on me, that whenever you host people, make it unforgettable. Well, it all leads to a Disney-esque approach.

It’s in this spirit of entertainment that Prophit Co. proudly presents: Leadership Adventures. A combination of re-imagined leadership practices for the 21st century— along with a delightful delivery that people will never forget.

Get ready to re-imagine leadership and get your team on THE BUS… literally! You know the one. You’re always saying how you need to get your people on the proverbial bus—all highly motivated, sharing a cohesive vision and moving in the same direction. Well, that bus exists… and only Prophit Co. has it.

Prophit Co Leadership Adventures bus

We are proud to reveal our newest endeavor: a suite of leadership and culture-building experiences that take your team out of the office and on the road—in a luxury leadership-themed limousine bus, no less.

There’s a stereotype that leadership training programs are stogy and elitist—with hundreds or thousands of people in suits shuffling papers back and forth during a monotone PowerPoint presentation. So impersonal. So stiff. So formal and intimidating. Well, now there’s another option: Prophit Co.’s Leadership Adventures!

For those who are over the same ol’ approach to leadership training, our programs are a full 180° from the experiences of yore. Our delightful, imaginative and approachable trainings help teams to learn leadership concepts in a fun and meaningful way.

So, let’s take your team on the road and give them a unique experience they’ll never forget, just like Walt would. When you’re ready to go… we’ll take you there!


ACTION PLAN: Want to see this beauty in real life? It’s being revealed at the Green Bay Farmers’ Market on Broadway this afternoon. Stop on by the corner of Walnut Street and S. Broadway to see it for yourself!

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