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7 Keys to Culture in the Workplace – Employee Empowerment

Friday, December 1, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger


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Now, we have come to my last post in this series. The final element of a great company culture… empowerment!

Employees need to know what is expected of them. Core company values are there to help guide their decision making process, but how they accomplish their job is up to them. Every person is built to desire a sense of freedom and control in their lives. This doesn’t change at work. They must work within the confines of workplace rules, but should be free to accomplish their goals in their own way.

When employees feel empowered to do their job in their own way, new ideas develop. Engagement increases because they feel like a true contributor instead of a robot following precise directions. We have found through our dignify system that approximately 60% of people’s rules in their Do and Don’t statements express this same sentiment: “Don’t micromanage me,” “Let me own it,” and “I can take this and make it work.”

People want to feel important and needed in an organization. It’s a way of showing appreciation when you say to an employee, “You know the rules and how we do things here… have at it!”

Joe Kiedinger

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