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3 Ways To Help Your Employees Through Changes

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

It’s been said that only wet babies like change. I happen to be a change agent. In my younger years, at times, it was a detriment. Today, I have learned from the past and have focused my view on change. I ask you this question: Is it possible to improve if you do not change? By definition, it is not.

Change is inevitable. As a matter of fact, if you don’t change you won’t remain relevant. Kodak is a shining example of a company who waited too long to change. Their massive campus of buildings have been sold off leaving thousands out of a job. The digital revolution left the film industry a fraction of its former self.Fall Autumn Colors in Trees
So now that we understand change is inevitable, what are three things you can do to help employees through the change? First, let’s define why an employee may resist change: Fear. Fear is the unknown. When an employee resists change, they are basically telling you that they don’t know where they fit into the change. Therefore, here are your three steps.

1) Communicate WHY the change is necessary. Too often leaders make decision behind closed doors and only communicate what the change is. Employees want to know why the change. Knowing why provides clarity.

2) Communicate one-on-one with each employee in HOW they fit into the change. This removes much of their fear when they know why they are critical in this change.

3) Involve them in the change. Meaning, get people involved on how the change will happen. This dignifies them and gives them purpose.

Change is inevitable. We must change or become irrelevant. Change can be done smoothly and methodically, just like the seasons. Welcome, Fall!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Plan your change!



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