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3 Ways to Sharpen Your Leadership Game

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

Even the most efficient and well-respected leaders can use a fresh look at leadership now and again. After all, it’s from the leader that everyone gains their direction in the workplace. So, during this Year of Organizational Health, let’s make sure we’re all pointing the right way.

Here are my top 3 ways to sharpen your leadership game:

  • Stick to your vision like a dog on a bone
    Any leader who has weathered a few storms will tell you, you can’t listen to the doubters. When you first decide to reveal your big ideas to others, many will outright say, “that’s never going to work.” Be prepared to let criticism wash right past you because there will be a lot of it.

    Your practiced perseverance will reward you again and again in business as you lead others. With so many varied opinions and personalities, your determination will continually be tested. Embrace the power of grit.

  • Hire great talent, then trust them to do the work
    When my wife, Danica, and I first founded J. Kiedinger Advertising—which today is known as Prophit Co.—we knew we didn’t have to be experts in everything to be successful. We just needed to partner with experts. When our first graphic design project request came to us, we simply hired a talented graphic artist.

    Don’t ever doubt your lack of expertise in a certain area. I can tell you from experience with high-profile clients, that even senior leaders can feel inadequate about their knowledge in some areas. But, a superb leader doesn’t need to be down in the weeds at all, they just need to motivate and encourage their associates from right where they are.

  • Be as transparent as glass
    Nothing kills the trust within an organization like covert meetings and hush, hush topics. If someone in your company knows a plan that others don’t, it will come out and people will make assumptions, usually negative ones.

    Be open, honest and clear about any changes or big ideas (unless the topic at hand is HR-related or absolutely must be kept within the highest leadership circle). If you fail to share news, people often gossip and your open circle of communication spirals down into confusion, hurt feelings and distrust.

    When you share your newest ideas and ventures with everyone they feel respected and involved. You might often be surprised what hidden talents and connections your associates have that could help that new idea take off. When everyone has the opportunity to participate, it’s highly dignifying.


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