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3 Facebook Engagement Tips You Can Start Today!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

A lot of people around you are getting engaged! No, I’m not talking about the “put a ring on it” sort of engagement, I’m talking about Facebook engagement – likes, comments, shares, and reviews.  Did you know every 60 seconds on Facebook 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded? (Source: The Social Skinny) Your Facebook followers are actively using Facebook, but are they actively engaging with your posts?  Here are 3 tips to get more engagement on your Facebook posts.  

  1. Don’t hesitate. Start implementing the next 2 tips now and then be consistent.  Rome wasn’t built in a day…know that this same notion applies to your Facebook page too!  Start posting, build engagement, and then find your flow.  Plan your work, then work your plan!  Need help with a plan?  We love this content calendar! 
    Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social. Jay Baer quote.
  2. Be social. Create content that sparks interest.   When interest is shown, engage back. Social Guru Jay Baer said this: “Focus on how to BE social, not on how to DO social.”  Engaging with people is a social thing to do.   I always go back to this example: if a customer came up to you in person and said “I love this store so much!” would you just stand there silently? Probably not (that would make for a pretty awkward situation). Remember to interact on social media too – it is called “SOCIAL” media after all.   Not sure what kinds of posts would be engaging? Here are some ideas.

  3. Spend some money.  The term “you get what you give” applies here.  Facebook doesn’t push every post you make into the newsfeeds of the people that “like” your page, but you can participate in paid advertising that helps make that happen. Depending on the amount of “likes” you have to your page, you may not need to spend much ($5) in order to push your posts to your audience as a “sponsored” message in their newsfeed.  Consider this, if people don’t see your posts, they can’t engage. When people start seeing your posts, it is now present for them to engage with. The more engaging your post is and the more reach it has, the more likely you will get engagement on that post. You don’t need to paid advertise every post. Pick the ones you think are most important to have good engagement or pick the ones that are already being engaged with and need to keep that engagement moving.  See what Facebook has to say about it.

When people engage with your posts you should find that your organic reach (non-paid reach) naturally grows based on Facebook’s algorithums of deciding what people want to see in their newsfeeds.  Test this theory on your own. Start “liking” more posts from a business page you follow on Facebook (we kindly suggest this page). Note over your next log-in’s that you’ll start seeing their posts appear in your newsfeed more often now. Facebook has recognized that the posts by this business are important to you.


Once you see the engagement with your posts increasing, you should also start to see a slow, organic growth of your page likes.  When your “likes” engage with you, their connections may see this and follow suit.   

Now go ahead – log-in to your business page on Facebook: post, engage, be happy!


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