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2016: Prophit Year in Review

Friday, January 6, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

We’ve officially leapt into the New Year, and we’re already feeling nostalgic when thinking about all of the great stuff that happened in 2016. The Prophit family grew when we hired ten shiny-new Prophiteers and expanded our departments. There were some memorable group outings and a handful of great Servant Leadership events. We even took a break and had some Holiday Trivia fun!

We realize you’re a busy person and may not have had the opportunity to follow along with everything that’s happened at Prophit over the past year, so we’re sending you the CliffsNotes version: The 2016 Year in Review!

Below are three o022019 (1).pngf our most-viewed blog posts from 2016.

Interview with Head Coach Steve Jones on Leadership  What does it take to create a “winning” culture within your team? Steve Jones answers questions about his servant leadership journey!

10 Basics We Live By – What Drives Our Company Culture!
Prophit Basics supply the guidance that forms the foundation of our company culture, a reminder that our Servant Leadership culture is what drives us.

Interview with Paige Kassner, 18-year-old Servant Leader Speaker!
Paige founded a non-profit organization that collects and distributes over 35,000 winter weather items to people in need in the community.


Here are three blog posts that we consider hidden gems that didn’t get the spotlight they deserved.

Millennials and Burnout: What You Can Do
We attended “5 Simple Secrets Millennials Know That Help Them Avoid Burnout” (presented by Tanja Schneider) and condensed it to a few quick-to-digest takeaways.

If a Bigger Paycheck Won’t Motivate Your Employees, What Will?                                                                    Giving an employee a bigger paycheck won’t make them work harder, faster, or better. But giving them dignity will.

5 Ways to Build a More Positive Culture                                                                                                              By creating a positive working environment and putting in a little extra effort, you will see your company thriving in no time!

Holiday Trivia Video
How much do you know about holiday music and movies? It turns out the Prophiteers need to to a little brushing up!    


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