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Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - Joe Kiedinger

This picture was taken as you go up the employee entrance to Prophit. Once in the building, you will also find this message above the clock in the front room. You will see it above a closet door in the conference room too. Hmm, three key areas within Prophit… why? A culture of accountability is at the heart of this simple little symbol.

It stands for “100% Responsibility, Zero Excuses.” It’s a reminder to stay accountable to the organization and yourself. If you are late to a meeting, simply apologize. Don’t start making up excuses as to why you were late. For example, don’t walk in and say, “I was stopped by a train, those darn trains!”

We all need reminding that nobody cares about why we were late or why something didn’t happen. Instead, how can you fix it? What will you be doing to get better? An accountability culture really begins by looking inward. In this case, a better response would be, “I apologize, I didn’t leave home early enough today and will in the future.” 

Self-reflection is the key to moving a business forward. If you are unaware of yourself and the message you are sending, how do you expect anyone else to be aware? Leaders accidentally sabotage the very culture they are trying to build.

I invite you to our Annual Servant Leadership Summit featuring Mark Freier. His presentation is called “Recalibrate You.” Bring your team and make 2019 the year of self-reflection and transformation.

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Reserve your spot today!

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