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Blogs How to handle a difficult colleague with dignity

Sometimes, there are people that you just can’t seem to get along with, and you might have no idea why….

April 17, 2024 Read
Podcast The secrets to having the hard conversations productively (ft. Dr. Priya Nalkur)

In this episode, Joe and April sit down for a talk with Dr. Priya Nalkur, coach, psychologist, and founder of the RoundTable Institute. Listen in as Joe and April uncover Dr. Nalkur’s unique perspectives on how to approach some of the most sensitive topics in our society today (like identity and race), why it’s important that we actually do talk about them instead of shoving them under the rug, and what being a leader actually means. Stay tuned to the end for some lighthearted but insightful fun as the three explore risky conversations with a trivia game.

April 9, 2024 Listen
Blogs How leaders build trust in 2024

Trust is one of the most important tools we have as leaders. Think about leaders in your own past. Were…

April 3, 2024 Read
Blogs What is loud quitting, and how do you prevent it?

What is loud quitting? The definition of loud quitting can be thought of as the opposite of quiet quitting. It…

March 20, 2024 Read
Podcast Unraveling dignity – what it means, why it matters, and how it works (ft. Theresa Moore)

In this episode, Joe sits down with Theresa Moore, longtime friend and host of the podcast “Conversations To Inspire.” Take…

March 12, 2024 Listen
Blogs The top business challenges of 2024

Challenge #1: Building a People-First Culture Now more than ever, job seekers and applicants are looking to work for an…

March 6, 2024 Read
Blogs Improving communication at work – the key to building employee engagement

Hey – special announcement! If you’re unsure why everything looks different, we recently rebranded from Prophit Co. to Dignify and…

February 21, 2024 Read
Podcast Leading with Grit: 22 Years of Successes and Failures in Business

Business isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s for the bold. Those who face challenges and strike back at them from a…

February 13, 2024 Listen
Blogs Prevent misunderstandings and boost productivity with this unique concept

Conflict is a given. If it can happen among the best of friends and the closest families, it’s bound to…

February 7, 2024 Read