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Dignity – It’s What Drives You

30 Minute S.L.O.W. Down
April 9, 2020 @ 3:00 PM
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Stress is rampant now more than ever. But, we are not powerless to control it. In Joe Kiedinger’s most recent 30-Minute Slow Down on Zoom Video Conference, he provided some words of encouragement and techniques that can put us in command as he presented “Dignity—It’s What Drives You.”

It’s estimated that 75-90% of primary care visits in the United States are due to stress-related illnesses. That’s a sobering statistic—and one that has not been well-understood in our country. Many assume stress is a result of being over-worked and overwhelmed by the challenges of life. When, in fact, it’s flaws in communication and dignity violations at the heart of it all.

After more than 15 years of research on communication and the science of the brain, Joe has discovered 56 Dignity Traits that define who we are. These powerful characteristics are what make us unique and what drive us in life. Those very same traits, when misunderstood, have the power to create great conflict.

Dr. Donna Hicks, in her book, Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict, determined that “… dignity violations have the same physiological effect as being approached by a knife wielding attacker.” In other words, our bodies respond in the same manner when we are physically or emotionally attacked: our pupils dilate, our muscles tense, our heart rate increases and our bodies emit the stress hormone, cortisol—with significant health implications over time.

When we are able to understand our own dignity and that of others, we can begin to communicate more effectively and reduce stress.

For a limited time, Joe has offered an opportunity to access his proprietary program, Dignify, free of charge so that you too can discover your own dignity and begin taking control. Simply visit Dignify.com and enter the code SLOWDOWN.

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I just wanted to let you know that we’ve been watching your 30min S.L.O.W. Down Webinars and we love them! Looking forward to this Thursday’s. At our facility, Managers and Supervisors meet once a week to have a “leadership” training. We started watching your webinars (from our desks) because we can’t meet at the conference room during this uncertain time.